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Software Advice assists buyers with the process of purchasing software by offering customized software recommendations that meet business needs. Founded in 2005, Software Advice offers 1-on-1 advisor assistance, objective research and expert advice to customers find the most suitable solutions for their particular needs. Buyers also get access to independent market reports, thorough evaluations and comparisons of various software platforms, as well as phone consultations with experts in the field. The company also publishes a suite of free tools and resources including matchmaker tools for vendors and analyst certification program as well as a community of verified user reviews. Software Advice is part of the Gartner Digital Markets family of review sites that have assisted more than 750,000 people find the appropriate software for their businesses.

Software Advice’s staff of Software Advice strives to maintain the culture of service that has made the firm a leader in customer acquisition and retention. Employee satisfaction is very high and the company has been recognized for its best practices in hiring, training and development of employees.

Software Advice was listed as one the top 100 employers by The Austin Business Journal and named a Top Workplace by Texas Monthly. The Software Advice managers are highly effective in engaging and motivating their teams. This results in high productivity. The company was also recognized for its innovative use of technology as well as for using social media to grow their brand. In fact, Software Advice was the first review site online to launch a dedicated social media channel for each one of its reviewed products.

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